Examples of spade work and success

Market research based work

Other types of work

New marketing communications strategy for an estate agent

A regional estate agent commissioned the development of a more effective marketing communications strategy which resulted in an increased market share. This involved both their residential and commercial property departments.

Brand strengthening for a European business services business

The European division of a US corporation wanted to identify opportunities to strengthen their brand and competitive position. A number of face to face in-depth interviews were carried out with customers and non-customers. The results were structured into Aaker's Brand Identity model to provide the division with a clear picture of their relative strengths and weaknesses.

A new brand proposition for a college of further education

A college of further education needed a new brand proposition to provide a base from which to strengthen its branding and marketing. Qualitative and quantitative research was carried out with a variety of stakeholder groups. The findings were used to develop a new Brand Identity, using the Aaker model. In turn, this enabled the college to respond to a more challenging situation with respect to recruiting students.

Profiling young people into social groups

We carried out a large online survey as part of a project by a national media company. This explored the potential to gain commercial advantage by relating its portfolio of products to a novel categorisation of young people. The results were analysed using ANOVA to identify which groupings were truly different to each other, their relative size, and information about their media consumption and purchase preferences.

Providing the foundation for an internal communications programme

A regional retailer that had been through a significant re-structuring wanted to improve its internal staff communications. Research was needed to provide an adequate understanding of the current situation, and to provide guidance for the new programme. The research covered both the type of content that would engage with staff and the mix of delivery media that would be most effective.

Evaluating the impact of a festival sponsorship

An international drinks company wanted to evaluate the effectiveness of its sponsorship of a major music festival. We carried out a survey to measure the impact of the sponsorship and the perceived match between the client's brand attributes and those of the festival. The results provided the client with a quantification of the degree to which the sponsorship had changed attitudes towards the brand in the short term.

Evaluating the launch of an educational initiative

We carried out research to evaluate the launch of an educational initiative that had been set up to work with schools to help children in economically deprived areas better engage with learning. A combination of focus groups, one to one interviews and surveys were used. The results were used to report back to the initiative's various stakeholders on the success of the launch event.

Consultation with residents for a local police force

A local police force needed guidance on how their new neighbourhood policing approach should be publicised to local residents. Focus groups and a survey were used to find out what residents' expectations were, and what the best ways for the police to interact with them would be. The results were used to produce recommendations on the issues to address, other communications content that would be appropriate, and the most effective selection media to use.

Desk research into alcohol abuse interventions

A local police force wanted guidance on the most effective types of interventions to counter alcohol abuse among young people on a localised basis. We carried out desk research into evidence about the effectiveness of types of intervention around the world to identify those that had been shown to have an impact on young peoples' behaviour. The findings were used as an input into the development of more effective strategies by the local Drugs and Alcohol Partnership.

Project management

Since 2008 Hallam Marketing has fulfilled the role of Project Manager of the Made Aware environmental improvement scheme that has been developed by the Leisure and Outdoor Furniture Association (LOFA). This scheme covers the types of products marketed by LOFA's member companies. The Project Management role has covered every aspect of the development, financial control, launch, operation and marketing of the scheme.

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