Our own success

Operating since 1995, our ability to provide high quality services is based on a strong combination of varied practical experience, supported by rigorous theory and good practice.

Our practical experience comes from working for UK manufacturers in a variety of roles

All of which naturally involved

This has resulted in a deep understanding of managerial realities, priorities and constraints.

Since its establishment Hallam Marketing has focused this experience and knowledge into two areas:

The services we provide are often only sporadically required by client organisations, especially smaller ones. Consequently much of our work is carried out as part of 'virtual teams' put together to address a particular project and then disbanded. This flexibility has enabled us to undertake projects ranging from a handful of face to face in-depth interviews up to international surveys involving multiple countries and thousands of interviewees. We have particular experience in providing cost effective support for smaller organisations that have limited funds.

We believe that the results from all types of research, no matter how apparently straightforward, have implications for managerial decisions. We always think about what the consequences and implications for clients might be, especially any less obvious ones.
To illustrate the ways in which we think about marketing issues our Senior Partner, Steve Hallam, has recorded his thoughts about a selection of topics and issues that we have encountered. These can be seen below.

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